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Iberian Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos

One of the most revered ancient icons, the meaning and power of which are relevant today more than ever. Over the thousand-year history of existence, the Iberian image of the Mother of God has amazed humanity with many wondrous miracles. The mere appearance of the prototype of this icon has an amazing legend.


The legend of the image begins at the beginning of the last millennium, during the time of iconoclasm in the lands of Nicaea (modern Turkey). According to legend, a family of wealthy Christians, an ambitious widow and a young son, who erected a temple for this shrine, possessed the ancient icon. Once the imperial soldiers, having inquired about the family's estates, came to demand huge amounts of money from them. Having learned that the woman did not have such a sum, they became angry and one of the legionnaires pierced the face of the Virgin on the icon. Blood began to flow from the face of the Virgin Mary, the soldiers, terrified, fled, and promised to return the next day.

That same night, the widow and son carried the icon to the seashore, read a prayer and lowered it into the water. After they gave it under God's protection, a miracle happened: the image took an upright position and began to rapidly move westward, into the open sea. The next day, the Orthodox family went on the run. The fate of his son led him to Athos to the Iversky Monastery, where he became a monk and told the story of the miraculous icon to his brothers.

A few years later, near the gates of the monastery overlooking the water, the elders saw a pillar of fire in the middle of the sea. Approaching him, the monks found a standing icon in a halo of light, but all attempts to catch it from the water were unsuccessful - the image was moving further and further from them. After telling the brethren about the miracle, they prayed for a long time, and that night, asking God to help them get a miraculous image. One of the elders received a vision in which the Virgin turned to him and told him that the icon was sent to protect the monks, the Iberian monastery and Athos, and not so that the monks would guard it. Since then, her second name has become the Goalkeeper, who protects the monastery and the gates of the Iversky Monastery.

What to pray for?

As already mentioned, the second name of the icon of the Iberian Mother of God is the Portaissa. Once, being persecuted and wounded by the sword of the iconoclast, the icon rose up to defend Christians and their homes with a wonderful grace. In the most desperate and difficult times for Athos, the elders prayed in front of the image of the Iberian Mother of God with these words: "We have no other help, no intercession, no consolation, except You, O Mother of all who grieve and burdened!"

The Most Holy Theotokos through the Iberian image acts as the patron of the dwelling of believers from various disasters: fires, robberies, catastrophes. In addition, the Iberian icon of the Mother of God helps in taking care of the spiritual church, the place of which is every believer, - it helps in physical and mental recovery.

Where can you buy a list (copy) of the icon?

The icon of the Iberian Mother of God, in addition to one of the most famous, is also one of the most widespread Orthodox icons among the temple clergy and laity. Online store "Axios" provides an opportunity to purchase a copy of the Iberian Mother of God in Ukraine. And the canonical style of the icon “antique” will convey the atmosphere of the millennial antiquity of the Iveron image.

Amber icon of the Blessed Virgin of Iver 20x30 cm - фото
20x30 cm
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Icon antique Iver 30x40 cm Holy Mother of God - фото
30x40 cm
Article: ПД001061
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Icon antique Iver 21x29 cm Holy Mother of God - фото
21х29 cm
Article: ПД001060
Price: 29
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Icon antique Iver 17h23 see the Blessed Virgin Mary - фото
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Amber Icon of the Blessed Virgin Iverskaya 60x80 cm - фото
60x80 cm
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40x60 cm
Article: ПД006276
Price: 99
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Icon of Our Lady of Iver - фото
Article: ПД000396
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Amber Icon of the Blessed Virgin Iverskaya 30x40 cm - фото
30x40 cm
Article: ПД006065
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Amber Icon The Blessed Virgin Iverskaya 15x20 cm - фото
15x20 cm
Article: ПД005859
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