• Icon of the Mother of God Bogolyubskaya

Icon of the Mother of God Bogolyubskaya

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Technique of writing of this icon is in use of only natural materials. On board with natural wood base is applied (chalk gesso), on which is written the Holy tempera paints image. Tempera paint is prepared by iconographer from pounded semi-precious stone in conjunction with the egg yolk and wine. For gilding the background, halos and garments gold 585 is used. The mixture of chalk and glue, which is a gesso (primer for painting) in a few decades will become particularly durable, completely soldered "monolith".
Icon of the miraculous image of the Mother of God Bogolyubskaya is written throught the memory of the miraculous appearance of the Mother of God. In 1157 the Holy Blessed Grand Prince Andrey Yuryevich Dolgoruky, one of the first builders of the Russian land, named for his piety Bogolyubsky, left Vyshgorod and went to his home to move to his inheritance, and to approve the throne at lands of Suzdal. Holy Prince was accompanied by the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Vladimir. Chronicle tells the story of how the wagon with the icon stopped because horses froze in his tracks. Prince saw the sign and began to pray. During the prayer, the Virgin appeared to him with a scroll in his right hand, who commanded to put the icon in Vladimir, and in its place establish a phenomenon temple and monastery. Prince Andrew has fulfilled the commandment and laid the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. Later, he made at the temple of the monastery and ordered to write an icon of the Mother of God in the form in which it appeared to him. Prince ordained a feast in honor of the day, when he saw the Mother of God (June 18, old style). In memory of the miraculous appearance of the icon of Our Lady and the monastery became known as Bogolyubsky.

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Weight: 3 kg
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