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Icon of Angel with Golden Hair

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A copy of the ancient icon "Angel with Golden Hair", (XII century), from the times of Kiev Rus.

The Church tells us that the birth of a God puts a guardian angel to each person. This heavenly helper is our companion in the continuation of all life on earth, helping us in difficult moments. Very often Christians feel his support while traveling, asking for help to overcome the distance and happily all the obstacles encountered along the way. It does everything that contributes to our welfare and salvation. It protects against evil and as an assistant in the journey to the Kingdom of Heaven. Icon Guardian Angel will be a wonderful gift for a loved one, reminding him that with him constantly have his heavenly friend.

Manufacturing technology:

In the manufacture of icons technique of ancient monasteries is used. On a wooden base, prepared with gesso, (primer based on chalk and animal glue with the addition of linseed oil) a stencil-old icon of reproduction of the original is applied by a special method.Then iconographer draws divine image with the natural colors, which is an exact replica of the original. Upon final completion of the "figure" , the icon is worked up with a special technique throught wich the icon appears with natural cracks as original vintage icons of the Middle Ages.

Exact size: 34x46 cm

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