• The Icon Guardian Angel

The Icon Guardian Angel

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The Church tells us that at birth every person God puts a guardian angel. This heavenly helper is our companion throughout all terrestrial life, helping us in difficult moments. Very often Christians feel his support while traveling, asking him to help happily to overcome the distance and all the obstacles encountered along the way. He does everything that contributes to our welfare and salvation. Protects from evil and is an assistant in the journey to the Kingdom of Heaven. The icon Guardian angel will be a wonderful gift for a loved one, reminding him that next to him is his heavenly friend.

Manufacturer: Ukraine.
Exact size: 44 x 40 cm
Depth: 4cm
Material: copper, serebo, patina, Italian baguette.

The color and pattern of the internal or external baguette icons may vary slightly.
The icon corresponds to the Orthodox canons.

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