• Road icon of the Holy Family

Road icon of the Holy Family

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Road icon of The Holy Family
The compact size of the icons 11x7sm. on a gold background is a very original gift. Icon, which fits comfortably in your hand and pocket is a spiritual talisman for every traveler in the road, and elsewhere."Round" style and cracks create the effect of a curved century old icon .
Manufacturing technology:

In the manufacture of icons technique of ancient monasteries is used. On a wooden base, prepared with gesso, (primer based on chalk and animal glue with the addition of linseed oil) a stencil-old icon of reproduction of the original is applied by a special method.Then iconographer draws divine image with the natural colors, which is an exact replica of the original. Upon final completion of the "figure" , the icon is worked up with a special technique throught wich the icon appears with natural cracks as original vintage icons of the Middle Ages.

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