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How to choose the icons for your wedding?

Wedding - a great event in the life of every human being, which marks the emergence of a new union of two loving hearts. The Orthodox Church has long been attached sacred significance of the wedding ceremony. It was established a special sacrament of marriage or wedding in which the couple give to God the vows of allegiance to each other and to receive a blessing for a happy life together and having children. Obligatory attribute of this ritual became wedding icons. Which icons should get to the wedding? What images would be appropriate to give a young family? The answers to these and other similar questions, you will find in our material.

Church crowned marriage was the only kind of legal cohabitation of man and woman on this earth since the days of Kievan Rus', and ending with the revolutionary events of 1917 - 20 years, when the state registration was introduced.. Over the past nine years we have formed some marriage traditions and customs that relate to and images of the wedding. What is the couple a wedding icons?

This two images, made in a single icon-painting style and design options, only one depicts Christ the Saviour, the second - his Most Holy Mother with the Divine Infant. The most common Marian Wedding icons acts image of Our Lady of Kazan, although no indication of the type of church icons Queen of Heaven in this case. According to the accepted rules of the people, the parents blessed image of the Virgin to marry his daughter, and their future in-laws, respectively, an icon of the Lord Jesus Christ - his son. Wedding couple icons should be the first images of the iconostasis in the home of the new family. Sometimes, instead of the new icons parents could pass on to their children family icon, which is stored as a generic relic.

Nowadays there are many different options for wedding couple icons. It can be simple lithography, decorated in a frame, or an exclusive hand-made images in precious garments. However, the main thing is not in the appearance of these icons, but that will take place there in front of them in prayer a young family. Usually wedding couple choose and acquire the couple themselves, although sometimes these icons can be a gift from his parents.

If you are invited to a wedding and want to give a young family any icon, then for such a case, there are several options. First of all, it may be the images of the saints, which is especially revered by the people, for example - St. Nicholas. In addition, there are some "family" of the icon, for example, the image of the "Holy Family", which usually depicted the boy Jesus, Our Lady and Joseph the Betrothed. This icon should be for young people an example of how to organize family life - in harmony, love and mutual support.

In addition, there is a custom to give the newlyweds an icon of the Holy Martyrs Guria, Samonas and Aviv, which are known in the Christian world an example of his intercession for those who observe vows and strict punishment of those who violate them.

In general, any of the canons on the matter, there is only the prevailing tradition. Therefore, if you want to give a wedding any other icon, for example, honored in your region image of the Virgin Mary, is no obstacle to this is no. Importantly, do not forget that wedding icons - it's not amulets, which guarantee a happy life together. Before them the need to pray and ask for God's assistance, and to lead a life worthy of the grace received in the wedding.

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